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Here are some specialized tools that will aid in your restoration projects.



 Great Neck 7-Piece Nut Driver Set

These nut drivers are good quality and a great value. Hollow shaft to accommodate protruding screw threads. Bright color-coded handles so you can tell at a glance what size they are. Chrome-vanadium steel for long service. These are all commonly used sizes for pinball repair: 3/16" Black, 1/4" Red, 5/16" Yellow, 11/32" Green, 3/8" Blue, 7/16" Brown and 1/2" Red. 7" long overall.

$16.00 per set of 7




 Wiha 1/8" Nut Driver

This is a very small nut driver suitable for the 2-56 thread screws used in switch stacks and other small mechanisms. Deep well socket head will accommodate about 3/4" thread protrusion. Made in Germany by Wiha. 6" long overall. 

$8.50 each





 Klein Magnetic Nut Driver

These nut drivers are very handy. Hollow shaft to accommodate protruding screw threads. Magnetic insert has a hollow center that allows their use on lock nuts. Chrome-vanadium steel for long service. Available in 5/16" only. 6" shafts, 10" long overall. 

$10.00 each





 Jeweler's Screwdriver Set

This is a nice set of 6 fine bladed mini screwdrivers. Slotted sizes 2mm x 3", 3mm x 4", 4mm x 6" and Phillips sizes #00 x 3", #0 x 4", #1 x 6". Hardened and tempered carbon steel blades, molded plastic handles, color coded. Handy for fine work. 

WAS $4.50

ON CLOSEOUT: $3.00 each





 Stubby 2-in-1 Screwdriver 

This is a great 2-way stubby screwdriver. The reversible bit gives you a 1/4" flat blade and a #2 phillips blade. Small with a broad grip for tight spots. 3.1" long overall. 

$1.50 each





 Mini Ratcheting Bit Set 

This is a handy little set of a ratcheting bit holder and a set of screwdriver bits. Gets into tight spaces with 3 Phillips bits, #1, #2, and #3. 2 flat blade screwdriver bits in 3/16" and 1/4". 4 Torx bits in T10, T15, T20 and T25. Plus, the ratchet will accept any 1/4" hex drive bits you have already. Reversible ratchet and 9 bits with holder, 4" long overall.

WAS $9.00 each

ON CLOSEOUT: $6.50 each






 Folding Lockback Utility Knife 

This is one of those tools that I bought for my own use and it has stood the test of time. Super handy and always ready, I use it every day, mostly because a fresh, sharp blade is just seconds away. It's a high-quality Sheffield folding lockback utility knife with quick change blade lock system and blade storage in the handle. It has a rubberized handle for good grip with a belt clip on the back and a rubber thumb pad for applying downward pressure. Uses standard utility knife blades, it comes with one blade loaded and 5 spares in the handle. Includes a lifetime warranty from Sheffield Tools. 

$12.50 each





 Utility Blades

Standard utility knife blades in two package sizes. A pack of 50 in a plastic dispenser, or a pack of 5 on a card. Fits most utility knives including the one we sell above. Dispenser also has a compartment for storing used blades safely. 

$5.00 per pack of 50 blades

$1.25 per pack of 5 blades





 Tin Snips

These are an easy way to cut blue spring steel for ramp flaps. Drop-forged steel, hardened and polshed. 10" long overall. 

  SALE! Limit 1 per customer

$7.50 each





 Diagonal Cutters 7"  

These are great for cutting Piano Wire, screws up to 10-32, springs and many other tough to cut things. 7" overall with double thick grips. Made of chrome-nickel steel. Limited lifetime warranty from Great Neck Tools. Tip: When cutting screws, first thread a nut on the screw above where you're going to cut. Cut the screw to length. Then, as you remove the nut, it will straighten out the cut threads as it comes off the screw. 

  SALE! Limit 1 per customer


$7.00 each





 Digital Multimeter

This is a 5" digital multimeter. Ranges for AC Volts, DC Volts, DC Amps, Ohms, and Transistor test. Includes battery and 12" leads. 



$4.00 each




solderingiron.jpg  Soldering Iron 30 Watt

This is a 30 watt soldering iron, ideal for general pinball repairs. Has a rugged plasic handle and a replaceable pointed tip. UL listed, 120V with 5' cord. 


$3.50 each





 Scalpel Handle & 5 Blades 

These are awesome hobby knives! VERY SHARP and the blades won't come loose. Flat sides means they won't roll away. Handles are stainless steel and blades are sterile surgical steel. Better than an Xacto knife for fine work. You get one #3 scalpel handle and five #11 surgical blades. 

$3.50 per set




 Scalpel Blades pack of 10 

Scalpels make awesome hobby knives! VERY SHARP and the blades won't come loose. Here is a pack of 10 #11 blades in sterile surgical steel. These fit our scalpel handle or any #3 scalpel handle. 

$2.50 per pack of 10 blades





 Single Edged Razor Blades 

These are heavy-duty #9 single edged razor blades. Quality blades, made in the USA and heavier gauge than many imported blades I've seen. 

$1.00 per pack of 10 blades



$7.50 per pack of 100 blades






 IDC Punchdown Tool

These tools are the correct way to reseat wire in the IDC (insulation displacement connector) plugs that are commonly used in solid-state pins. You may get years more service from a reseated wire, or you might just use these as a troubleshooting aid, verifying where the wiring problem is before making further repairs. Made of a tough nylon composite. Available in size .156"

$12.00 each

  CLOSEOUT! WAS $16.00






 Pin Extractors for Round Connector Pins

These Pin Extractors are the best tool available for removing the round Molex-style pins from their plastic housings. The larger one on the left is for .093" pins. The smaller one on the right is for .062" pins. Colors may vary from those shown. 

$16.00 each




 Open Barrel Crimpers

These spring-loaded open barrel crimpers are a great value. They have precision ground dual level jaws to make both the wire and insulation crimps at once. Well made and easy to use. I have made excellent crimps on every open barrel pin I can find, Molex, Amp, .062 to .200. Eight inches  long with hardened steel jaws, plastic handles and a jaw lock. The pivot is a threaded hex socket screw so the joint can be kept nice and tight. Wire cutters at the tip.

$26.00 each




 Mini Pliers Set 4 pc.

This is a set of 4 drop-forged mini pliers. Set includes Long Nose, End Cutting, Diagonal Cutters, and Needle Nose. Comes with embroidered nylon rollup case.

   SALE! Limit 1 per customer

$7.00 each





 Air-Powered Stapler for Ground Braid

This air-powered stapler fires the exact size and type of staples that Williams used to attach ground braid and documents to the inside of pinball cabinets. Makes short work of a re-grounding project. Also powerful enough for lightbox rewiring and under-playfield wire stapling. Uses the bright silver or the copper color staples sold below, staples are not included. This long-nose version is great for getting into tight spots like pop bumper leads and under playfield wiring. Requires a compressor with a storage tank delivering at least 60 PSI at .36 CFM.

$95.00 each




 Staples for the Air Stapler - Copper Color

These copper colored staples are shown on the left in the picture. These staples are the type used by Williams on many modern pins to attach ground braid and documents to the inside of pinball cabinets. Each box has 10,000 copper staples. 

$12.50 each




 Staples for the Air Stapler - Silver Color

These silver colored staples are the same type used on many modern pins to attach ground braid and documents to the inside of pinball cabinets. Shown on the right in the picture. Each box has 10,000 silver staples. 

$8.50 each



 Img279.jpg  Staple Lifter

This tool makes easy work of removing staples from old ground braid. Does a clean job without gouging your cabinet. Made of steel with a comfortable plastic handle. 

$16.00 each




 Flexstone Switch Contact Files

These flexible files are great for cleaning contact switch points. They are available in Medium grit (120) and Coarse grit (80). 

$3.50 each




 Ignition Point File

This small steel file handles the heavy-duty point reconditioning needed when working with high current switch points. Typical applications are older flipper button switches and flipper end-of-stroke switches. Do not use on the small, gold colored contact points. 

$1.00 each




 Needle File Set 6 pc.

This 6-piece needle file set is great for fine work. Includes round, half round, square, triangular, flat square and flat pointed files. Each has its own molded plastic handle with hang hole. Tempered steel for long service, 6.5" long overall.  

WAS: $5.50 each

ON CLOSEOUT: $4.50 each





 Hook & Pick Set 4 pc.

This is a set of 4 steel picks and hooks with plastic handles.

$4.00 each





 Screw Extractor 1/8 - 1/4

This is an extractor for removing broken screws. Drill a 5/64" hole and twist out the broken screw with this extractor. Fits the small tap wrench perfectly. 

$2.50 each





 Machine Screw Taps 6-32, 8-32, 10-32

Quality High Speed Steel taps. No cheap junk made in asia. Great for chasing out and cleaning up threaded holes in brackets, posts, and other assemblies. Available in three very common sizes found all over pins; 6-32, 8-32, and 10-32. Fits the small tap wrench perfectly. 

$3.25 each




 Machine Screw Taper Tap 1/4-20

Quality High Speed Steel taps. No cheap junk made in asia. Great for chasing out and cleaning up threaded holes in brackets, posts, and other assemblies. This is the 1/4-20 size. Fits the large or small tap wrenches. 

$4.00 each




 Leg Bolt Taps

Quality High Speed Steel taps. No cheap junk made in asia. Great for chasing out and cleaning up leg bolt holes, leg leveler threads, and head bolt threads. Available in the most common size for leg bolts, 3/8-16. Fits the large tap wrench perfectly. 

$5.00 each




 Tap Wrenches

These are high quality tap wrenches. Small fits 0-1/4" taps, adjustable to fit the 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, and 1/4-20 taps sold above. Large fits the 1/4-20 and Leg Bolt taps. Sliding T handle helps reach tough spots.

$6.50 Small

$9.50 Large




 Drill Bit Set, 13pc. Titanium Coated

This is a good little set of Inch sized drill bits. Titanium coated. Sizes include: 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 11/64", 3/16", 13/64", 7/32", 15/64", 1/4".

WAS: $5.00 each

ON CLOSEOUT: $3.00 each





 Hex Wrench Set 13 piece

This is a set of 13 long handle hex wrenches in SAE sizes for socket head (Allen) screws. Wrench sizes included are: .050", 1/16", 5/32", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8". Comes in a plastic holder. Gets into the tight spots the T-handle set won't reach. Lifetime warranty from Great Neck Tools. 

  SALE! Limit 1 per customer

$3.50 each




 Tamper Resistant Star Bit Set 9 pc.

This is a set of 9 tamper resistant star or Torx bits. These are high-quality, high-strength bits made for professional mechanics. Sizes T-8, T-10, T-15, T-20, T-25, T-27, T-30, T-40 plus a 1/4" drive socket adapter. Comes in a plastic boot case for compact storage. Limited lifetime warranty from OEM Tools. 

$5.00 each





  Magnetic Pickup Tool

These are telescoping pocket tools with a strong magnet on the end. Small size picks up over 2 lbs. Very slim with a pocket clip, it gets into tight spots. Large size picks up 8 lbs. With rubberized handle. Both extend to 25" overall.

Small  $3.00 each

Large $5.00 each




 9" Torpedo Level

This is a quality tool made in the USA by Johnson Level & Tool. This level is the perfect size to check the side-to-side level of your playfield. Fits right on the playfield for the most accurate measurement. Also has vertical and 45 degree vials. Made of impact resistant plastic. 

$2.00 each




 Foam Scrubbing Swabs

These tough, absorbent foam swabs are great scrubbers. They stand up well to abuse. I find them very handy for cleaning the undersides of playfield inserts, under slingshot plastics and other hard-to-reach spots. Eight inches long overall, the foam section is about 3 inches. Hardwood handle. They rinse clean to be ready for more.

$2.50 each




 Plastic Razor Blades - Dozen

These plastic razor blades are great for scraping up the goo left over from a mylar removal job. Tough, almost unbreakable plastic but they won't scratch your playfield. Great for use with Orange Power to remove glue residue after Mylar removal. These are single edged with a sharp, beveled edge. Made in the USA. Pack of 12.

$2.50 per dozen






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