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Shipping Methods:

Our standard method for shipping is the United States Postal Service. We use USPS shipping exclusively for both USA and International shipping. We ship from a very small town in rural Michigan. The Post Office is our only local shipping outlet. We are not set up for International shipping through UPS, FedEx, DHL, or any other shipper.

Shipping Calculations:

Calculating shipping charges accurately has become impossible with our current shopping cart system. Shipping fees are changing at least once a year with indications that it may become more frequent. Another issue is the addition of dimensional weight calculations which make the size of the shipping box a critical part of the overall shipping calculation. We have opted for a value-based calculation that will cover our expenses about 98% of the time. We have found it simpler to refund excess shipping charges than to spend the time and money rebuilding our entire site and upgrading to more complicated shopping cart software. This also allows us to get your order out the door right away, and then refunding your excess after we know the final cost.

Excess Shipping Charges Refunded:

We always refund excess shipping charges of $1 or more. We use our actual shipping cost, plus insurance, to determine any refund. We will refund your Paypal account usually within 1 week of your order being shipped. All orders must go through the Paypal shopping cart system.


We do not make any money on shipping, quite the contrary. We try to not lose money on shipping so we can keep our prices as low as possible. Our orders are always packed professionally to minimize damage in transit. If you do have any issues with a package you have received please send an email to:




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