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Electrical and Electronic parts and upgrades

superbleds.jpg  SuperBright LED Kit for AFM Saucer 

This is a set of 16 SuperBright LEDs that are direct replacements for the original saucer in Attack From Mars. Use this kit to upgrade the old, dull red LEDs that the factory installed. These are 3-4 times brighter than stock and go on and off crisply, resulting in a much improved chase sequence. They are also a deeper red than stock, which is why we sell them as a full set. If you just replace a few, your old ones will look sickly yellow and dim. 

Here is the way the stock LEDs look:saucerstock.jpg

Now here is the same saucer with SuperBright LEDs in every other position:saucer5050.jpg

And lastly, here is the same saucer with all SuperBright LEDs:



$4.00 for a kit of 16 LEDs






 Right Angle LED Mount

These are the exact mounts used on the AFM saucer's circuit board. Also used on Indiana Jones' fighter plane wing LEDs.

$.50 each





 Circuit Board Mount Fuse Holder

These are the exact fuse holders used on WPC and WPC-95 CPU boards. 2 prongs that solder into through holes. Fits standard size 3AG fuses.

$1.00 each





 Twilight Zone Mini Playfield Insulator

These are perfect replacements for the insulator covers installed under Twilight Zone's mini playfield. Made from heavy fish paper insulator sheet, just like the original. Protects the magnets and electrical connections from damage and shorts due to pinball contact.

$15.00 each




dmdins1.jpg  DMD Insulator

These are perfect replacements for the Dot Matrix Display insulator covers installed on DMD equipped pins. Made of heavy fishpaper and cut to fit the back of all standard 128 x 32 Cherry, Babcock, and Vishay Dot Matrix Displays. Protects the user and the other boards from the high voltage present on a DMD. Available with or without the 3/4" hole needed for some older displays with a glass nipple protruding out the back.

$10.00 each







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